Enrico Icardi

Product Management & Development
You: What are you doing this January 2019?

Me: 🤔
Lately I am cultivating a lot of interest for domotics and IoT, because I like working at intersection of Hoomans, Technology, Design and new Media.

On a regular workday you find me in Berlin – Kreuzberg,
working with the rest of welance (a Freelancer Collective),
helping NGOs, SMEs and Startups with many different types of Products and many different Codebases.

In 2018/19 I've also been part of the SDK & Developer Tools team for æternity's new blockchain implementation.

In 2020 I hope to find enough time to create new (internal) products and utilities for welance, to consolidate a blueprint for distributed, freelance (digital) teams.

Me: Here's my face:

Enrico Icardi, Portrait Photo
You: 😬 I didn't ask for it. What did you do before?

Me: You're right. 🤭Sorry for the pic.
In 2009 I've co-founded ShareDesk / Optix and around 2014 I've started a mono-product brand called stood. From 2006 I've been relentlessly training as a professional computer user.

You: 🤔OK, but do you do, exactly?

Me: For the last 13 years I have built, launched and maintained many different digital products (Web/Mobile Apps, Websites, Internet Campaigns, etc.) for myself and others. That's what I will keep doing in 2019.

You: I see. What's your "full" story, in words?

Me: I've started with Web Development in 2006 in Torino, Italy.

Over the past 12 years I've been working (mostly as a consultant) with perfectionist –Type B– designers, complicated –Type A– developers, and spent a countless amount of hours writing e-mails and attending meetings about planning, estimating, discussing (and mostly fixing) tech products with/for companies of any size.

I enjoy teamwork, i am capable of handling stressful tasks and i'm usually very intrigued by any new venture that i get to know or work at. I also occasionally give advices to early stage startups struggling to bootstrap.

My first venture was co-founded in 2009 with a team of friends and started to be recognized in 2012 as the Airbnb for flexible Workplaces, and it has been successfully funded, and its seed round ($1.1M) was led by Tim Draper's DFJ. Today it's one of the main players in the Office Space and Coworking Business, also offering a Smart Office Management Tool.

My second venture is called stood and started in early 2015. It's a wooden product (B2C+B2B) and early B2B customers include many Tech Companies and Events (exoclick, breather.com, google and more).

From 2017 I'm mentoring an Italian Startup, and from February 2018, I'm helping æternity building its Blockchain SDK and Developer Tools.

I'm currently working in Berlin, helping welance redefine itself as a multidisciplinary Freelance Collective acting as a "classical" full-service Digital Agency covering subjects from DevOps to Design, from Marketing to Development, from digital Apps to Print.

You: More?

Me: Full CV Twitter LinkedIn GitLab GitHub

Me: You know what? Let's meet! 🙂️ eMail me!